Senior Care Packages 


Wellesley Seniors have worked hard and are close to the finish line...

We at the club like to celebrate their hard work with a Senior Care package, sent to seniors in the spring before they graduate.  The Vermont Club has celebrated our Vermont Seniors since 2013.

This is a wonderful way to help our youngest up-and-coming members to know they've got a whole network of women rooting them on and here for them as they cross the finishline at graduation.  

We have gotten great responses from parents, the Alumnae Association, and seniors themselves.  

Please bring items to the Annual Meeting or send them to Annie no later than April 15.


This year, six Wellesley students from Vermont will graduate and we are excited to send senior care packages for the fourth year running.  there are two ways to get involved:

1) Send something (with enough for each senior) to Annie to include in the package.  Or, even better, bring it to the annual meeting!  You all have been quite creative the past few years in coming up with things new graduates might need. Highlights include: hammers, easy recipes, thank you notes, seeds, gas cards, breath mints...

2) Contribute financially! Once donated items have been collected, Annie takes the money earmarked for senior care packages and fills the packages with additional items (mainly class color themed!) or leaves a crisp bill in each package for the seniors to use.